About Encreators

About Encreators

Encreators Media & Software Pvt Ltd is a team of young YouTube specialists and enthusiasts who work towards building a prospective career for Creators globally. Our aim is to help individuals ace their YouTube journey and make YouTube an earning platform by improvising their content.

We have had an experience of over 3 years in the YouTube Industry and collaborated with more than 1000 industry people. Having successfully worked with 800+ Channels and 1200+ Satisfied Customers, we have helped Channels escalate their revenue drastically. Our total standing revenue for channels with our content is estimated at more than $12M. We dedicate ourselves completely to creating unique and quality content as well as providing various such services indeed to ace the YouTube scoreboard.

Make your YouTube Journey a happy one with us, a complete team and a friend from one country to handle and manage your awesome YouTube career, starting from today!

The Founder

The Team

Mr. Abdullah

Abshar Abdulla, founder, managing director of Encreators and YouTube specialist, is widely recognized as the pioneer leader of the company. 

Encreators is one of a kind. A company completely focused on providing for young talents. 

Abshar Abdulla with his video editing skills started this company from scratch, incorporating all the aspects of a corporate working environment and perfectly molding Encreators towards the stand it is on today. 

Being an aspiring young entrepreneur, Abshar Abdulla has maintained the integrity of this company and has generated more than 2 million dollars inclusive of Cash cow channel revenue.   

Today, Abshar Abdulla continues to enhance his skills both in terms of managing the company and his personal growth, setting an example for all young aspiring entrepreneurs to work towards achieving their passion. 

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