YouTube Automation.

Is it only a theory to invest in a Cash Cow Channel and watch it grow? Well, with Encreators, your wish of having a completely automated channel with hands-free services is now possible. 

Encreators offers the most affordable YouTube Automation program that will handle everything on any niche that you select in a monthly package starting from $2999 in the first month and $2499 for months thereafter. And the best part? You get to keep 100% Revenue of the channel! 

What will we provide? 

Encreators strives to make sure that you earn from Day 1, and that is why we will provide you with an already monetized channel. And, 

  • Daily engaging content in your selected niche 
  • Level up with YouTube Journey with 15-20# shorts in a month.
  • A 24/7 Custom Support team on discord server for quick assistance.
  • SEO services for individual videos and for the whole channel. 
  • Grow your audience base with internal Channel promotions with a relative niche.
  • Suggested Outcomes After 6+ Months of Investing in the Program! 

To summarize, YouTube Automation with us will be a fun journey with humongous growth. Wherein you will get your loved content with full expert support without having to worry even a bit. So, if you haven’t already subscribed to our Automation package, what are you waiting for? Grab your hands-free services now!


Services Standard Premium Diamond
Video Length 4-5 Minutes 8-10 Minutes 8-10 Minutes
Script 800 Words 1600 Words 1600 Words
Voice Over Single Voice Multiple Voice Option Multiple Voice Option
Video Editing Basic/Standard Basic+VFX Advanced+REFX+SFX
Thumbnail Customizable Customizable CustomizableX
Revisions 1 Revision 3 Revision 5 Revision
SEO - - Available
Bill Per Video 29.50$ 55.55$ 97.50$

Our Plans


Includes 7 Videos
$ 399 Weekly
  • Voice Over (Options Available)
  • Advanced Video Editing
  • High CTR Thumbnail
  • Script
  • SEO


Includes 30 Videos
$ 1840 Monthly
  • Vioice Over (Options Available)
  • Advanced Video Editing
  • High CTR Thumbnail
  • SEO
  • Script